Participant recruitment is notoriously the most difficult part of a clinical trial. Between identifying potential participants, screening, and enrollment most studies spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the right people to participate. Nick Karrasch, Trialfacts’ CEO, likes to describe what typical recruitment looks like without the Due Diligence process. Sites may try read more

After a slow start to recruitment for her clinical trial, Dr. Tracy Prout turned to Trialfacts to help find participants for her psychotherapy intervention for children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. read more

For one clinical research assistant the frustrations of clinical trial recruitment came quickly. See how a renewed recruitment plan gave him the numbers he needed for the Yale University study. read more

Emily Burns, Program Coordinator

After hitting a wall in patient recruitment, the ARC team decided to go out on a limb by outsourcing recruitment efforts to Trialfacts. “We were a little concerned because it felt a little untested,” researchers said. Did their gamble pay off? read more

Matt Clacy - Paratus Clinical

Paratus Clinical recognized the need for a high ROI as they began to invest in clinical trial patient recruitment. They needed to recruit as many participants as possible while using their sponsor’s funding wisely. read more

Researchers pleased after clinical trial recruitment and retention success

You’ve gone through the recruitment process with a patient for your clinical trial — now you’re waiting for them at the clinic for screening. The appointment time comes and goes. You wait ten minutes, then twenty. The promising candidate has become a no-show, and you’re left with one less participant for your study. After all read more

Researcher planning Recruitment Methods for Research Studies

How can you choose the recruitment method that is right for your budget, your goals and your context? Successful recruitment for research studies is a balancing act between the efficiency, difficulty, reliability, required time, cost and more of available recruitment methods. The tradeoffs become especially complicated when you have the option of both utilizing traditional read more

Researcher and patient talking

With all the required steps in clinical trial recruitment, follow up and tracking, it becomes easy to treat patients as a cog in the machine rather than research participants who expect — and deserve — a relationship with researchers. Because many get lost in the mechanics of recruitment, few clinical trials fully develop the volunteer-researcher read more

clinical trial recruitment plan Bridget Radford, Research Assistant & Nutritionist

With the right clinical trial recruitment plan a study succeeds in narrowing 500 inquiries into highly qualified candidates a fraction of that size. read more

Researcher meets patient

As you know, clinical trials drive medical research forward. But as experts in finding effective solutions to the clinical trial industry, we know it can take a lot of work to get qualified patients recruited for the study. From HIV treatment to peanut allergy therapy, much of the movement behind medical advancement is due to read more