A Steady Flow of Participants, Guaranteed

Academic and grant-funded researchers have a unique set of recruitment challenges. Managing all of the general administration tasks of your study already takes up a lot of your time, and when you add not being able to find enough participants, low eligibility rates, unreliable participants, and looming deadlines into the mix your attention very quickly shifts away from your research and on to recruitment challenges.

Ultimately, you need a steady flow of participants coming in to make sure you are able to fully enroll and publish your research. We are here to help.


Case Study: From Frustration to Facilitation

For Jeremy Roscoe, Clinical Research Assistant at the Emerge Research Program (ERP) at Yale, the frustrations rose quickly.

As he attempted to recruit patients for a study on depression and PTSD, Jeremy was overwhelmed with a high number of responses that translated into a low number of qualified patients.

Learn how this study overcame its recruitment challenges with the help of Trialfacts.


Your Free Data-Driven Recruitment Roadmap

We’ve provided our Due Diligence Analysis for hundreds of academic and grant funded researchers within their study budget, or for the purposes of a grant submission.

It includes:
  • Recruitment & enrollment model
  • Pass/fail rate for each eligibility criteria
  • Pass/fail rate for each compliance criteria
  • Pass/fail rate for each recruitment and enrollment stages
  • Academic recruitment discount
  • Guaranteed number of participants, timeline & cost

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