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Research Sites have a unique set of enrollment challenges. You’ve likely exhausted all of your in-house resources trying to find participants for your clients and are not sure where else to look. You want to become the go-to site so your company can grow, but old recruitment methods are no longer working and you need support, fast.

When you partner with Trialfacts, you will be able to bring in a steady flow of eligible and engaged participants from external sources for your clients’ studies, and will also have consistent support from the Trialfacts team to maximize your internal recruitment efforts and ensure enrollment goals are met.


A Great ROI: Meeting Enrollment for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial patient recruitment is an art, not a science. But that doesn’t mean crunching numbers isn’t a critical facet of successful enrollment.

Paratus Clinical recognized this from the start, as they began considering ways to recruit their patient population. They found a way to recruit as many participants as possible while also putting their sponsor’s funding to use wisely.

Discover how we helped Paratus meet patient enrollment with our Recruitment Guaranteed Method.


Together, we'll consistently enroll a steady flow of participants for your studies.

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