Our Mission

At Trialfacts, our mission is to provide a link between health research and participants in order to further our global understanding of human health and wellness. We do this by demystifying clinical trials and other health research for participants and providing detailed, relevant, and easily-digestible information and pathways to participate in health research.

Join us in our mission to ensure 5,000 studies meet full enrollment on-time and within budget by 2033.


Our Story

There are many misconceptions surrounding clinical trials and health research today. Most people don’t realize the number of ongoing health studies taking place or that they may be eligible to participate – even as healthy volunteers. Traditional clinical trial resources often present jargon-heavy study information that’s difficult to understand. Additionally, traditional advertising does little to get the word out about current studies.

Trialfacts was established in 2006 to bridge the gap in connecting clinical and health researchers with eligible participants: We provide specialized participant recruitment services and effective solutions to academic, pharmaceutical, and other organizations in the clinical trial and health research industries.


Our Team

Trialfacts has grown from a lean number of marketing and clinical trial experts to a team of passionate trial recruitment specialists and clinical trial marketers based around the globe.

Our mission is to help connect clinical and health researchers with eligible participants across the globe so that together, we can further medical research and better understand human health.

Our Values


Our Founder: Nick Karrasch

At the age of 13, Nick’s younger sister had cancer. He realized she survived only because of the modern medical system and previous medical breakthroughs from medical research.

Later while working part-time for a medical research site, Nick noticed the challenges with each study were always the same – researchers needed more participants and the industry needed to change the general perception surrounding clinical trials and medical research.

To solve this problem, in 2006, Nick founded Trialfacts to help connect researchers to eligible participants and better educate others on the importance of health research.