A Proven Strategy For Reliable Recruitment

Recruiting ample and diversified participants for your clinical research trial is a challenging task. The success of your study relies directly on your ability to find and retain enough participants.

Approaching recruitment without a plan – or worse, adopting a “wait and see” recruitment strategy – will always lead to compromised research. Many researchers have resigned to amending participant eligibility criteria or study design, or simply lowering their participant research goals.


Is Your Research at Risk?

Discover your Recruitment Guaranteed Score and learn how you can improve your participant recruitment. Receive a detailed score in each of the six essential elements of the Recruitment Guaranteed Method and get a roadmap to how you can improve your participant recruitment.

Years Experience

Since 2006, our goal has been to provide second-to-none specialized and effective participant recruitment services to organizations in the clinical trial and health research industry.

Research Organizations

From academic groups to pharmaceutical companies, Trialfacts has helped hundreds of teams of researchers from more than 300 organizations find suitable participants for their health and clinical studies.

Studies Recruited

Many researchers choose to work with Trialfacts more than once because our Recruitment Guaranteed Method works. Trialfacts helps researchers complete their studies and meet their recruitment goals on time or ahead of schedule.

Participants Enrolled

Trialfacts has helped researchers find participants for studies big and small – even for trials with the strictest eligibility criteria.

The Trialfacts Process

We’ve developed a data-driven and tested process that uses the six elements of the Recruitment Guaranteed Method to streamline your recruitment and ensure successful enrollment.


How Many Participants Can We Recruit For You?

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