Why Trialfacts?

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build an inclusive, hard-working, fully-remote team around the globe. We believe in taking initiative, problem-solving, teamwork, and continual growth and learning. At Trialfacts, you’ll work with a fantastic group of people who are all contributing to the goal of improving health through participation in research.

Our Values


Our Founder: Nick Karrasch

In 2006, Nick Karrasch saw there was a significant need in the medical and health research industry. Researchers needed more participants and the industry as a whole needed to change the general perception surrounding clinical trials and medical research.

To solve this problem, he founded Trialfacts to help connect researchers to eligible participants and better educate others on the importance of health research.


Our Team

Over more than 15 years, our team has grown from a lean number of marketing and clinical trial experts to a team of more than forty passionate team members in a wide range of roles.

Our mission is to help connect clinical and health researchers with eligible participants across the globe so that together, we can further medical and health research and improve human health.


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