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Biotech and Pharma companies have a unique set of enrollment challenges. Often, it feels like your recruitment efforts are out of your control. The vendors you are working with are not always communicative, sites have many competing priorities, and it often feels like you are in the dark.

When you work with Trialfacts, we ensure your recruitment goes smoothly. Everything we do is transparent, we take the recruitment burden off research sites, keep you updated with detailed performance metrics and make sure your recruitment runs according to plan.


Trialfacts Takes the Burden Off Research Sites

Sites love Trialfacts because we make recruitment easy, quick and effective. This keeps your research sites productive and your PIs and key opinion leaders happy.

Our service includes:
  • Participant education via site-specific study website, email campaign and information sheets.
  • Participant filtering via a comprehensive online prescreen questionnaire customized for each site.
  • Phone screen appointment system that saves time reaching participants.
  • Individual site capacity matching. Each site can pause, restart, ramp up, ramp down at any time.
  • Individual site onboarding & direct line of communication between site staff and us.

All the Details at Your Fingertips

We believe in transparency and paying attention to the details. It’s how we ensure everything stays on track. With our in-depth and real-time reporting in place you’ll have 24/7 access and insight into everything that is affecting recruitment and enrollment. Need a custom report or additional information? No problem, we can put that together for you.

What’s Included?
  • Referral Sources Report
  • Online Prescreening Report
  • Phone Screening Report
  • Clinic Screening Report
  • Enrollment Report
  • Custom Reporting
  • Enrollment Forecast Report (coming soon)
  • Participant Feedback Report (coming soon)

Case Study: From Struggling to Find Participants to Recruitment Success

If the work of research team members Loredana Esposito, Mario Nogueira, and Sarone Coetzee is successful, it could help millions of people worldwide who suffer from sleep apnea have a safe and peaceful sleep.

The three researchers at Bayer Pharmaceuticals are conducting a randomized controlled trial to help sleep apnea patients manage their symptoms with a new medication.

But their trial presented this trio more challenges than they’d bargained for. They faced tight timelines, a new enrollment site, unexpected response levels, and a global pandemic.


Together, we'll consistently enroll a steady flow of participants for your studies.

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