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Survey and virtual research studies have a unique set of enrollment challenges. You know your participants are out there but you are struggling to reach them, and once you do it’s hard to keep them engaged.

When you partner with Trialfacts, you will have access to a tightly integrated recruitment, consent and participation process which leads potential participants all the way from first hearing about the study to enrollment and study completion.


A Seamless User Experience Results in Maximum Completion Rates

For virtual and survey research it’s more difficult to develop a positive 1-on-1 relationship with participants, typically resulting in low enrollment and completion rates. Trialfacts educates, supports, and provides a great user experience for potential participants, ensuring full enrollment and completion is met promptly.

What’s Included?

  • Participant Education
  • Customized Prescreening Process
  • One Participant Stream
  • Integration with REDCap, Qualtrics & Other Systems
  • Duplicate and Fraudulent Response Protection
  • Participant Support
  • Live Reporting

Case Study: Recruiting Motivated Participants for a Virtual Clinical Trial

Anne’s company developed technology able to be used at home by asthma sufferers, which included a Bluetooth sensor that monitored at-home medication use, an app that sent real-time reminders to patients, and a mobile spirometer that measured lung function.

The aim of Anne’s study was to understand whether their mobile app helped with asthma medication management for adults, and she was also keen to get feedback on its functionality and practicality.

But recruiting high quality participants proved to be a challenge. Learn how Anne used our data-driven recruitment method to boost enrollment.


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