Maximize Your Participant Enrollment by Managing All Phases of Recruitment

Many trial sponsors and researchers only start to evaluate the success of enrollment after a participant attends an initial screening visit. This is an ill-advised strategy because failure to manage all phases of enrollment can lead to cost overruns, time delays, and extend study timelines.

Understanding that enrollment is not just a one-time interaction between a study site and participant is essential to effectively managing the process from start to finish. Based on our experience in recruiting for hundreds of clinical trials, enrollment processes are only as good as their weakest point in the enrollment funnel.

In this infographic, we’re sharing a breakdown of the six stages of enrollment along with strategies for success and some of the most common challenges that you may encounter. When you manage enrollment by phase, specific problem areas can be identified and addressed quickly, which can save you time and money.



By breaking down clinical trial enrollment into six phases it becomes much easier to manage the process from start to finish. When informed by data, enrollment funnels can be optimized to ensure that sponsors and study sites are maximizing every opportunity to enroll participants, which means a much higher likelihood of completing a study on time and budget.

Trialfacts uses a data-informed Due Diligence process to bring consistency and predictability to participant enrollment. Through this process we’re able to identify the right number of participants you need during each phase of enrollment to meet your goals. Schedule a call with us today for a no-obligation review of your enrollment needs.

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