Trialfacts Helps Bridge the Gap in Oncological Studies

Trialfacts has successfully applied its online patient recruitment expertise to oncological studies. While Trialfacts does utilize its 25,000 plus patient database in all trials, online advertising is particularly relevant to oncological studies. More and more Australians are searching for health information online, and this is particularly true for more serious health conditions. In addition to the patients themselves, family and friends also turn to the online medium as a convenient and extensive source of health information.


Case Study: Breast Cancer

In one recent research, study Trialfacts was engaged by Zest Healthcare Communications to recruit twenty-five breast cancer patients on current hormonal therapy, aged 50 to 70, in proximity to the Sydney CBD. Trialfacts prepared a strategy utilizing its resources with the Trialfacts real-time database and targeted online advertising. Through use of these resources, Trialfacts was able to fully recruit the required patients in a three-day period. The client was very pleased with the results of Trialfacts patient recruitment initiatives and regularly uses Trialfacts to recruit patients for their studies.

Trialfacts’ work for us on this project was more than satisfactory.
Fiona Grigg, Managing Director, Zest Healthcare Communications

Case Study: Lung Cancer

Trialfacts is able to work with clients at any stage of the patient recruitment phase. Often Trialfacts’ patient recruitment services are engaged to rescue trials which have suffered delays or failed to achieve randomization targets.

In a particularly challenging study, Trialfacts was engaged by AusTrials to recruit patients with lung cancer where the eligibility criteria were extremely narrow and recruitment very difficult. Trialfacts was aware that many patients would need to be screened to find the remaining patients AusTrials required for their study. Trialfacts prepared a strategy that targeted the specific type of patients required as they sought treatment options online, and used its screening technology to eliminate ineligible candidates. The patients were recruited promptly and AusTrials was delighted with the results.

The method by which Trialfacts targets patients online is exceptionally specific, which allows for cost efficient advertising in longer term oncological studies with small recruitment quotas due to patient scarcity.


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