Can Nutrients Help To Regulate Healthy Digestion And Manage Blood Sugar? Paid Study Seeks Overweight Males

Please note: This trial has finished recruiting and is not accepting new participants.

Research Centre: Discipline of Medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Location: Royal Adelaide Hospital, North Terrace, Adelaide
Lead Researchers: Professor Christine Feinle-Bisset, Ms. Penelope Fitzgerald
Ethics Committee: Reviewed and approved by the Royal Adelaide Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee


An expanding waistline is sometimes considered the price of getting older, enjoying good food, and a sedentary lifestyle. Yet an increase in weight can do more than make it hard to zip up your jeans.

Research shows that being overweight also carries serious health risks, including impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes. The aim of this study is to build the evidence for nutrient-based strategies for the management and prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Participants will be asked to attend four morning visits (1x 1hr; 3x approximately 2-2.5hrs), and will receive an honorarium of approximately $150 for time spent at the clinic.

Benefits to Participation

  • You will be helping to advance medical research to discover a potential new nutrient-based strategy for the management and prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • You will receive an honorarium of approximately $150 to cover time spent at the clinic and travel/parking costs.

Your Rights

  • Your records relating to this study and any other information received will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Upon completion of the study,  your results will be shared with you.
  • Qualified medical professionals and trained researchers in the Department of Medicine will supervise your participation.
  • You will be able to withdraw from the study at any time.

Who Can Participate?

Males aged 18-55 who are

  • Non-smokers
  • Overweight with, or without, type 2 diabetes or glucose intolerance
  • Able to attend the Discipline of Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital on four occasions
  • Willing to have a naso-gastric tube inserted and blood samples taken


What Next?

  1. Click the link below to enter your contact details and answer some eligibility questions.
  2. The research centre will then contact you by phone to discuss the trial and answer your questions.
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