Not Active But Want To Be? Increase Your Physical Activity Today With Online Guided Training. Study Seeks Men To Participate

Please note: This trial has finished recruiting and is not accepting new participants.

Research Centre: CQU Physical Activity Research Centre
Building 18, University Bruce Highway, Rockhampton QLD
Lead Doctors: Dr Corneel Vandelanotte
Ethics Committee: Reviewed and approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee HREC H14/07-163

Backgroundwoman running on a mountain road at summer sunset

To prevent chronic disease it is important to do 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise. This has been shown to provide substantial positive effects in your physical fitness and cardiovascular system (among many other things).

The TaylorActive trial will assess the effectiveness of an internet delivered video health program for improving physical activity habits. The TaylorActive web portal will allow you to record your physical activity and receive personally tailored advice that will encourage you to improve your physical activity routine and improve your health.

Only 46% of Australians meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines which is costing Australia an estimated $1.6 billion in healthcare costs every year. TaylorActive aims to make a real impact in individual health and the cost of healthcare in Australia.

Benefits to Participation

  • You could see an improvement in your physical fitness.
  • You could experience improved energy levels.
  • You could lessen your risk of chronic disease.
  • You could be more motivated to be physically active.
  • You will receive up to $30 (10 for each of the 3 Actigraph wears and surveys completed).
  • You will be helping to advance medical research.

Your Rights

  • Your records relating to this study and any other information received will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Upon completion, the results of the study will be shared with you.
  • Qualified medical professionals will supervise your participation.
  • You will be able to withdraw from the study at any time.

Who Can Participate?

  • Men aged 18+
  • Whom are not physically active but wish to be


What Next?

  1. Click the link below to enter your contact details and answer some eligibility questions.
  2. The research centre will then contact you by phone to discuss the trial and answer your questions.
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