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We work with health researchers to guarantee recruitment for their studies, so they can focus on their research.

“I think Trialfacts has been a bit of a saving grace for us. Because recruitment has been so successful, but also because it doesn’t require anything from us, beyond getting on that initial phone call and sending [Trialfacts] some documents. Just watching the emails of patients signing up flow in while somebody can be off doing something else…it just saves us an incredible amount of time.”

Dr Lynnette Averill, Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry

Is your recruitment being impacted by these three common challenges?

Over the past 15 years we’ve helped 300 research organizations enroll over 20,000 participants across more than 600 studies. We’ve found that no matter the size, location or study condition, there are three major challenges that can jeopardize your research.

Recruitment Challenge 1Finding Participants

Despite best efforts and exhausting all of the usual strategies, you’re not able to reach enough of the study’s target population.

Recruitment Challenge 2Unsuitable Participants

A large number of potential participants turn out to be ineligible, unwilling or unable to participate, or you don’t hear back from them.

Recruitment Challenge 3Under-Resourced

You’re behind schedule, there never seems to be enough time, you’re always short on budget, you’re just a small team, and you lack marketing experience.

The Result? Compromised Research

Study teams spend excessive amounts of time trying to reach the right participants and failing. This leads to a stressful situation where you need to be amending participant eligibility criteria, study design and/or accepting a lower sample size in order to complete your study. 

Are you ready to see how many participants we can guarantee for your study?

The Recruitment Guaranteed Method

The Recruitment Guaranteed Method is a proven strategy that guarantees reliable recruitment within a realistic study budget. 

Trialfacts implements the 6 essential elements of the Recruitment Guaranteed Method, allowing us to create a realistic recruitment plan and study timelines, generate a steady flow of participants and help you hit your enrollment goals efficiently.

“I highly recommend Trialfacts services! Nick and his team were friendly, professional, and highly responsive to any challenges that arose during recruitment for a clinical trial with multiple exclusion criteria. Trialfacts was instrumental in allowing the trial to meet its recruitment target. It would not have been possible without them!”

Dr Lynette Roberts, Discipline of Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Health

The Recruitment Guaranteed Process

We’ve developed a data-driven and tested process that uses the principles of the Recruitment Guaranteed Method to streamline your clinical trial recruitment and ensure successful enrollment. The Recruitment Guaranteed Process takes care of finding your ideal participants, so you can focus on 

what you do best – your research.

Guaranteed Recruitment Unlocks High Impact Research

When you use the Recruitment Guaranteed Method for your study you’re guaranteed to have an ample flow of eligible and engaged participants, ultimately allowing you to meet your enrollment goals on schedule and within budget. Without the worry of recruitment, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – engaging participants, participant care, data collection, analysis, and producing high-impact research.

Ample Potential Participants

You have access to more than enough of your study’s target population to reach full enrollment.

Eligible & Engaged Participants

A high proportion of potential participants are converting into enrolled participants that complete your study.

Efficient Enrollment

Enrollment is on schedule, within budget, and your time is freed up to focus on your actual research. 

Hundreds of Successful Studies, Hundreds of Happy Researchers

Contracting with Trialfacts was the best thing I’ve done and it saved my study. It has put my research on a completely different level. I’m very pleased by how this whole process went, given the skepticism that I had when I came in. I can’t imagine doing this without Trialfacts again! Trialfacts showed me the possibilities. The sky’s the limit!”

Dr. Kavita Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor

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