Top 25 Clinical Research and Healthcare Blogs in 2020

With thousands of blogs about developments in the clinical trials and healthcare industries, it can be a challenge to find credible content that is relevant and timely. So we’ve done the hard work for you, and put together a guide to 25 of the best clinical research and healthcare industry-related blogs and websites to follow in 2020.

Written by a wide range of industry experts, thought-leaders, and research participants, these sites offer some of the best industry-related news, reporting and opinion that you’ll find online.


Founded in 2006, we specialize in data-driven participant enrollment for clinical studies. Our blog covers a wide variety of topics related to participant enrollment and paid advertising. Some of our most popular posts include an article about how social media has changed patient recruitment, a guide to the most significant factors in successful recruitment, and a how-to on creating effective social media posts. We also have over a dozen case studies about how we’ve helped sponsors overcome recruitment challenges.

The Clinical Trials Guru

Dan Sfera is the self-proclaimed Clinical Trials Guru and a prolific blogger who has been writing since 2010. The blog started as an attempt to attract more participants to his own clinical trials and quickly turned into a resource for other industry professionals. With content that covers all aspects of clinical trials from site selection to working with CROs, Dan relies heavily on video content to get his message across, which includes a two-hour crash course on clinical trials, an introduction to clinical research, and a guide to clinical research job interviews.

Applied Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials has been regularly publishing a well-respected journal since 2001, and their blog dates back to 2012. With topics that include regulatory compliance, site selection, and trial design, there is something for everyone regardless of your role in the industry. With an active publishing schedule of two or more blogs a week, you’ll always be in supply of fresh content. Interesting topics include improving participant engagement through patient data return, using statistics to enhance the quality of data and maximize trial success, and coverage of who has the right to see clinical trial data.


The PharmaTech website brings you the latest news and information from the world of pharmaceutical development and engineering. Covering topics that range from regulatory requirements to the impact of global politics on drug manufacturing, PharmaTech’s offering is diverse and evidence-based. Notable content includes a guide to reducing sampling and testing for starting materials and breaking the drug shortage cycle. Articles, white papers, and other resources are also available for download. 

Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative is a multistakeholder group of industry professionals, committed to transforming how clinical trials are conducted. The group’s vision is to create a high-quality clinical trial system that is patient-centered and focused on achieving the best health outcomes for the public. Their blog focuses on sharing news and developments within that fit within the group’s mandate. 


Covering the world of bioprocessing, Biopharma-Reporter brings the latest news and analysis to online biopharma audiences. Including a wide range of topics like biosimilars, drug pipelines, and cell and gene therapies, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Topics of note include  a safe virus found for vaccine production and details about how scorpion venom could help with chronic pain and drug delivery. Additional content produced by Biopharma-Reporter includes podcasts and video coverage of hot topics and industry events. 

Medical Xpress

For a continuous feed of news and analysis from the medical world, look no further than Medical Xpress. The platform publishes new content daily, if not hourly, and offers readers an endless array of topics to explore. Articles worth reading include a look at FDA approval for the first Ebola virus vaccine and another about how genetics is a poor predictor of risk for disease.



With an in-depth analysis of the clinical trials industry, Eyeforpharma provides readers with coverage of important and timely topics, along with access to other resources like webinars and white papers. Informed pieces about changes to prescription drug pricing and the decreasing effectiveness of direct to consumer marketing are just two examples of recent blog posts. The evidence-based information offered, along with critical analysis and well-formed editorial content means there’s something for every interest. 

Pharma IQ Clinical

Pharma IQ Clinical provides tools and methodologies to improve clinical trial development. Topics covered include clinical trial design, data collection, and clinical supply, along with information on how to improve patient recruitment and retention. With an active publishing schedule, Pharma IQ Clinical is timely and relevant with its coverage of topics like the patient perspective in clinical trial recruitment, and how to retain patients to complete multiple site visits.

Science-Based Medicine

Never one to shy away from coverage of controversial topics within the life sciences, Science-Based Medicine explores issues in the relationship between science and medicine. Here you’ll find a vast array of editorial content written to debunk what is often referred to as pseudoscience and quackery. Recent articles include coverage of natural health and the anti-vaccine movement, the pseudoscience of what we eat, and a look into dietary supplements with unnecessary ingredients.

BMC Trials

As part of the BioMedCentral group of publications, the Trials journal covers the findings of randomized controlled trials in health. The blog is a collection of peer-reviewed articles and other publications that are shared with online audiences to increase access and social sharing of important findings. Some of the most accessed articles include a piece on managing clinical trials and reporting on bias in medical research. 

Scienmag Clinical Trials

Scienmag Science Magazine gives readers insight into important topics across the life sciences, including drug development and clinical trials. The blog publishes new content consistently, so you can always find something timely and relevant. Their broad range of articles means that you can also explore other issues that are complementary to the clinical trial industry. Interesting articles explore the relationship patients’ health values impacting treatment and a look at the evidence of acupuncture and acupressure in improving cancer pain.

Let Life Happen – Clinical Trials

Barbara Jacoby is an award-winning blogger and two-time breast cancer survivor who is a strong advocate for patients’ rights. For more than a decade, Her Let Life Happen blog has covered a range of topics including breast cancer and clinical trials and includes personal stories from Barbara and other contributors. Named by Healthline as one of the best breast cancer blogs of 2019, this patient-focused exploration of health issues is a refreshing take on medicine from an alternative perspective.

Auro Blog

Aurous HealthCare is an India-based CRO with a focus on clinical research. Founded in 2008, their founder and managing director, Dr. VT. Sriraam has received numerous awards for his work related to innovation and leadership in medical research. The blog publishes consistently and provides an analysis of current trends and hot topics that are of interest to an international audience. Recent articles look at the connection between brain symmetry and autism, the relationship between itchy skin and mental health, and a fast-tracked Cystic Fibrosis drug that has the potential to help 90% of patients.


TEDMED is the official medical arm of TED, the organization dedicated to sharing ideas. You probably know them from their TED live events where speakers give short presentations on topics ranging from health and wellness to personal development and finance. Most performances are filmed and shared online, receiving thousands, if not millions of views. The TEDMED Blog is focused on medicine and healthcare, covering topics of interest to anyone in the industry. Articles to read include a piece on behavioral economics and health, and how one expert is engineering cells to act as living therapeutics.  

Uncommon Conversations

Uncommon Conversations is the blog of Worldwide Clinical Trials, and it explores trends in drug development and clinical research. Recent posts include coverage of innovative trial design in neuroscience research and development, using technology to solve the problems of phase one trials, and the importance of developing new scientists to meet demand across the industry. With a vast array of topics, the blog serves as a good source of information for industry professionals.


With a mix of articles, news coverage, and traditional blog posts, Bioengineer is likely to have content that will get your attention and keep you reading. Bioengineer shares the latest developments that are of interest to life science professionals together with a mix of lighter topics, like asking what Ph.D. students do all day. Other posts of interest include coverage on the future of fake meat and how evolutionary changes to the brain make us more prone to anxiety.

Triage Cancer Clinical Trials

Developing a deep understanding of the patient perspective is of value for any industry professional. More than a trend, patient engagement is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement for clinical trials. Triage Cancer offers education and resources for individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, including clinical trials, with recent posts exploring expanded access to clinical trials, coverage of the new US Clinical Treatment Act, and a look at patient rights in a clinical trial.


FindMeCure is an organization whose mission is to help people access future treatments for disease. It functions as an online platform linking people struggling with a medical condition to access treatments in development. The blog brings the patient perspective about the importance of clinical trials to life. Popular posts include a piece on animal testing and human clinical trials, and the secret of the placebo effect in research.


ACRP is the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, and they offer a variety of resources, courses, training, and other resources to their membership. Their blog features coverage of contemporary issues that will be of interest to professionals across the industry. Posts to take a look at include an analysis of the human factor in successful technology rollouts, coverage of the FDA’s CURE ID crowdsourcing platform, and how to thrive as a clinical trial professional. 

On Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

If you have questions about the details of biostatistics and clinical trials, Dr. Chunqin Deng’s blog is the answer you’re looking for. Since 2005, the current Vice President of Biostatistics, Clinical Programming, and Data Management at United Therapeutics Corporation has been blogging about his work in the industry. He generally posts new content twice a month. He has covered topics including CAR T-cell therapies, the dilemmas of withdrawing drugs approved through accelerated approval pathways, and statistical regression models.

The Stem Cellar

As the official blog for CIRM, California’s stem cell agency, The Stem Cellar features news and updates from the world of stem cell research. With blog posts covering emerging therapies, clinical trials, and a host of other topics, the focus on advancement in stem cell research is a great way to broaden your understanding of this area. Posts worth reading include a piece on potentially unregulated trials posted on the website, and distinguishing legitimate clinical trials from predatory clinics.

Geeks Talk Clinical

Covering topics like the FDA and regulatory affairs, clinical trial study design and industry trends, the Geeks Talk Clinical blog is an excellent source for industry-related news and analysis. Recently featured articles include a look at using technology to make trials more patient-centered, demystifying analytics and machine learning, and the globalization of clinical trials.

Health Shots

Covering everything health-related from an independent journalism perspective, Health Shots is NPR’s dedicated platform for news and relevant topics impacting the health of Americans. Stories range from coverage on the skyrocketing cost of health care to new and novel treatments like using a psychedelic therapy to stop smoking, and how researchers are reaching out to minority communities to diversify Alzheimer’s studies.

NIH Director’s Blog

Take a peek inside the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with a visit to the NIH Director’s blog. Dr. Francis Collins gives readers his take on the work being accomplished through the NIH, highlighting groundbreaking research across multiple disease areas.giant. More recent posts include a look at outcomes from neuroscience research and another on how blood proteins can show your age.

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