Category: Time-Saving Technology

The number of virtual studies has increased by 145% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual studies present a number of opportunities for improving participant recruitment, participant experience and collecting more robust data, but also provide challenges when it comes to participant retention. In 2019, just 9.2% of studies were self-described as virtual and read more

Researcher and patient talking

With all the required steps in clinical trial recruitment, follow up and tracking, it becomes easy to treat patients as a cog in the machine rather than research participants who expect — and deserve — a relationship with researchers. Because many get lost in the mechanics of recruitment, few clinical trials fully develop the volunteer-researcher read more

How do you contact your clinical trial participants? This is a struggle every clinical researcher knows firsthand – the struggle of getting in contact with trial candidates via phone. You call, the patient doesn’t answer, you leave a message, you call again…and the cycle continues. In fact, it can often be so one-sided that calling read more

It takes time to fully enrol participants for your clinical study. Much of that time is spent screening candidates for eligibility. Even if you’re already using a tried-and-true process for patient recruitment, you could be missing an opportunity to save yourself valuable hours by pre-screening your candidates. Utilizing online screening questionnaires to determine eligibility can read more