Category: Positive Participant Experience

COVID-19 has caused massive upheaval within the clinical trials industry with studies being paused, delayed or cancelled, and there is no sense of when they may resume as normal. In some cases sponsors and government institutions have redirected huge amounts of resources towards COVID-19 related research in response to the pandemic, leaving other studies vulnerable read more

In this post we summarize current industry guidance so you can create effective compensation plans for your study. By bringing more consistency and transparency to participant compensation, managing the ethical and practical considerations becomes easier. Ultimately, a well designed compensation plan should help you boost enrollment, save time, reduce costs and improve your study completion read more

Participant recruitment for a clinical trial is often the most challenging part of completing a study. Adding to this difficulty is the stigma associated with certain health conditions that can leave potential participants hesitant to engage in research.  Stigma related to health and disease is pervasive and acts as a deterrent not only for clinical read more

It can be hard to find enough qualified participants to run a high-quality research study. While planning for your trial recruitment, you’ve probably arrived at this crossroads before: choosing between reimbursed clinical trial patients and uncompensated patients. Is it true that you get what you pay for? Is there a positive or negative correlation between reimbursement and read more