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Every year, important – and possibly life-saving – clinical trials are canceled before they can be completed. You might imagine a myriad of reasons why, but it can be simply explained in one word: people. Finding the right participants for a clinical trial can become worrisome for even the most dedicated researcher. Consider these 3 read more

It takes time to fully enrol participants for your clinical study. Much of that time is spent screening candidates for eligibility. Even if you’re already using a tried-and-true process for patient recruitment, you could be missing an opportunity to save yourself valuable hours by pre-screening your candidates. Utilizing online screening questionnaires to determine eligibility can read more

Recruiting participants is a vital part of beginning your study. Even with careful planning and well-intentioned strategies, things can go wrong that delay your ability to complete your clinical trial on time. Delaying the patient enrolment process has many negative effects and can ultimately harm your clinical study in the long run. Working ahead of read more

There’s a significant amount of work that goes into planning and executing a clinical trial. One of the most daunting tasks might be recruiting viable candidates for your study. We recently discussed how to keep your recruited patients once you’ve found them, but how do you actually round up such fitting candidates in the first read more

One of the biggest challenges researchers face is retaining trial participants. After all the work that goes into recruiting and screening patients, it’s disappointing when participants leave. What can you do to get a better result? Adopting a patient-centric approach is the key to retaining participants. Patients today have a number of choices. Once they’ve read more

There are some common misconceptions surrounding how many and what types of people search for online health information, particularly around the ages of patients likely to turn to the internet for health information, so let’s take a look at the statistics. 83% of adult internet users search online for health information. read more

Often with clinical trials, you have a budget and that’s it! You have to make the most of it. Sometimes it is possible to realise a meaningful result however in many occasions you may have found yourself looking for alternatives that are inexpensive or free because the budget does not stretch far enough. In most read more

A common problem in clinical trials is during the feasibility process to overestimate the ability to recruit patients. This is largely due to inadequate planning of and ineffective patient recruitment strategies. As noted with my earlier article, clinical trial overruns are common, expensive and frustrating but can easily be kept on track, within budget by read more

This is part two of the article How to write a more effective clinical trial newspaper advertisement. In the first part of the article we took a look at Benefits and Headlines. As mentioned in part 1 of the series, it is beyond the scope of this article to detail everything important in creating an read more

Writing a newspaper advertisement often falls to study coordinators, project managers or other Investigator site staff, who may or may not be comfortable writing newspaper advertisements, but often have little or no training in marketing and advertising. As a result, there are a number of areas where improvements can be made. While the information on read more