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  The internet can definitely be an excellent source of medical news and updates, but that depends on who you’re following. Without proper regulation, you may be getting your information from the wrong resources. Did you know that Google has about 5,490,000 results for the search term ‘Clinical Trial Blogs’? The internet has become an avenue read more

Participating in a clinical research trial as a study site is an exciting endeavor. As a brick and mortar location chosen by sponsors for their clinical research, you’ll be responsible for acting as the face of the clinical trial and working directly with patients. You’ll also build a relationship and foundation of trust with the read more

There are countless examples of the benefits that clinical research has on the advancement of medicine and treatment of illnesses. In fact, clinical research is the sole method for definitively determining the effectiveness and safety of medications and other treatments on humans. Through clinical research, medical professionals can gain greater insights and understanding of existing read more

Everyone knows the term “Human Guinea Pig.” It’s not a pleasant phrase, but it’s one that is often directed at the clinical trial industry, conjuring up images of coldhearted researchers experimenting on victim-like patients. Of course, the reality of clinical trials couldn’t be further from this notion. Clinical trial participants aren’t blindly participating nor being read more

I recently spoke with Janelle Bowden from the Clinical Trials Honour Roll, which is an initiative to recognise people who support clinical trials – whether they be researchers, patients or somebody else. You can nominate patients or staff members and you, the nominee, will be sent a certificate of recognition to present to them. I read more