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As researchers, you’re aware that your study should conduct research on a diverse group from the population that it’s supposed to help. And this is mainly because there can be differences in results among people of different ages, races, ethnic groups, and genders. As an example, some African Americans need smaller doses of the preventive read more

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Consumers are exposed to over 10,000 brand messages a day. Whether you’re online or offline, you’re likely to be exposed to some sort of advertisement, mostly through eye-catching images and slogans. To top it off, being bombarded constantly with advertising has made us less attentive than goldfish. Which means recruiting patients to participate in studies read more

  When it comes to social media, choosing a platform on which to advertise can be daunting, as we’ve discussed in our previous article. However, when it comes to recruiting volunteers for a study, there are some social media platforms that make more sense than others. And that is because of two main elements: the read more

When it comes to recruitment, social media can seem daunting—with so many platforms and factors to consider, it can get overwhelming fast. However, medical and pharmaceutical industries have been relying on social media for clinical trial recruiting for years. And with the expanding ubiquity of social media all over the world, and increasing competition for read more

It’s easy to get started with social media advertising but it’s not easy to get it right. Big companies and brands spend millions of dollars on social media advertising like Facebook. They have large teams managing and optimising their campaigns to ensure they’re getting the most out of their budget. So when clients tell us read more

900 million people per day. 20 minutes per day. 14 times per day. What do these figures represent? If you guessed the number of people who engage with Facebook on a daily basis, the average time spent on Facebook by each person per day, and the average number of times each person checks Facebook per read more

Do you want to connect with high-quality patients who are motivated to participate in your trial? Following these practices to create effective promotional material will help your study stand out from the crowd. When recruiting patients from outside your office database, advertisements may be your opportunity to make a first impression and will serve as read more

The success of your clinical trial hinges on including high-quality patients. You need participants who meet your requirements and will engage with you throughout the entirety of the study – a months-long (or sometimes years-long) relationship. You want to make sure you don’t lose precious hours reaching out to people who won’t participate. Save time read more

Phone screenings are often the first real human contact that patients have with researchers and study sites during the recruitment process. Before this stage, if a clinical study is being advertised online, recruitment may consist of clicking buttons and typing answers on a computer screen. For many patients, the process of being enrolled in a read more

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It’s been years in the making.  Finally, after what seems like endless rounds of changes to your initial proposal, you find out that your clinical trial is moving ahead. To celebrate you take your clinic manager to lunch, and there she starts talking about all the problems she has recruiting for another study. Apparently, people read more