Trialfacts Utilizes its 25,000+ Patient Database to Seek Out and Successfully Recruit Acute Herpes Simplex Subjects

Applied Science & Nutrition (ASN) engaged Trialfacts to recruit 60 patients in a study in oral acute herpes simplex. Trialfacts prepared a patient recruitment strategy that utilized its database and online advertising initiatives to attract more than 100 referrals.

Trialfacts successfully recruited 60 patients for Applied Science & Nutrition (ASN) in a study in oral acute herpes simplex, commonly referred to as “cold sores”. Successful recruitment was achieved by utilizing Trialfacts’ database of over 25,000 patients in combination with its online screening technology. To reach the patient recruitment quota, Trialfacts targeted patients with current cold sores, patients who frequently experienced cold sores, as well as members of its database who knew someone who had current or frequently experienced cold sores.

Trialfacts provided over 100 referrals to successfully recruit for this study, of which more than half were recruited within the first two days of recruitment, and over one third had current cold sores.

The advantages of recruiting from Trialfacts’ patient database are that the patients are educated about clinical trials and have asked to be contacted about relevant clinical research. Many patients within the database have also participated in previous studies. These characteristics combine to result in extremely high quality referrals.

Where large numbers of patients are required, Trialfacts also generates referrals from online advertising to appropriate demographics searching for relevant information online. Trialfacts’ unmatched experience in online patient recruitment and utilization of the Trialfacts optimized website results in an unrivalled ability to provide more referrals, and of a higher quality than any other provider.

Trialfacts online screening software has the capability to assess each patient’s eligibility against the study criteria, prioritize eligible patients into different groups such as whether a patient currently has a cold sore and number of cold sores experienced per year, and provide referrals to appropriate sites based on geography.

ASN has been using Trialfacts for recruitment for clinical trials for over 2 years. We have found that this marketing works effectively to meet the specific recruitment needs for our trials. We have found that the team at Trialfacts have a solid understanding of the issues relating to clinical trials and are enjoyable and professional to work with. We would recommend Trialfacts for clinical trial recruitment.Amanda Rao, Technical Manager, Applied Science and Nutrition Pty. Ltd.

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