There’s a significant amount of work that goes into planning and executing a clinical trial. One of the most daunting tasks might be recruiting viable candidates for your study. We recently discussed how to keep your recruited patients once you’ve found them, but how do you actually round up such fitting candidates in the first read more

One of the biggest challenges researchers face is retaining trial participants. After all the work that goes into recruiting and screening patients, it’s disappointing when participants leave. What can you do to get a better result? Adopting a patient-centric approach is the key to retaining participants. Patients today have a number of choices. Once they’ve read more

Recruiting for a clinical trial is a difficult task. According to a report released by the Institute of Medicine in the United States, 90 percent of all clinical trials worldwide fail to enroll patients within the target amount of time and must extend their enrollment period.¹ With a statistic like that, it’s natural to ask read more

Trialfacts undertook patient recruitment services for BioAssets Development Corporation (BDC) for a clinical trial conducted in Australia. Trialfacts developed a custom solution including online marketing services, screening, media services, strategic advice and a sophisticated real-time reporting system to meet the needs of the trial sponsor and investigator sites. The trial required patients who had only read more

Trialfacts has successfully applied its online patient recruitment expertise to oncological studies. While Trialfacts does utilize its 25,000 plus patient database in all trials, online advertising is particularly relevant to oncological studies. More and more Australians are searching for health information online, and this is particularly true for more serious health conditions. In addition to read more

Trialfacts deployed its flexible communication platform to contact over 4,300 patients twice a week for six months, and provide personalized appointment reminders. This allowed investigator sites that lacked the resources to undertake such an onerous task to comply with the protocol and focus their staffing resources on patient visits. Trialfacts takes the hassle out of read more

Trialfacts demonstrated the scale and efficiency of its recruitment ability by providing patient recruitment and prescreening services to recruit over 3,300 participants for a large multi-site flu study. We ran a successful recruitment campaign that resulted in over 4,000 prescreened referrals for the ACRO in approximately three and a half months. The recruitment campaign allowed read more

There are some common misconceptions surrounding how many and what types of people search for online health information, particularly around the ages of patients likely to turn to the internet for health information, so let’s take a look at the statistics. 83% of adult internet users search online for health information. read more

The quick answer is a good patient screening questionnaire (view an example) is simple and easy to understand for the patient to understand. Many patient screening questionnaires can be vague and make it difficult for the subjects to relate to the questions asked. This in turn alienates subjects who can lose focus in providing clear and read more

Often with clinical trials, you have a budget and that’s it! You have to make the most of it. Sometimes it is possible to realise a meaningful result however in many occasions you may have found yourself looking for alternatives that are inexpensive or free because the budget does not stretch far enough. In most read more